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Dustin Schyler Yoak

September 8, 2018

Dustin Schyler Yoak


Dustin Schyler Yoak knew he wanted to be involved in the entertainment industry after watching Return of the Jedi at three years old. His passion for great stories continued all through childhood; inspired by He-Man, ThunderCats, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman the Animated Series and more, Dustin wrote stories that he and his friends would act out when they got together. When combined with his love for meticulous detail and passion for storytelling, his imagination cultivates vivid worlds and alluring characters.

That passion continued to grow and Dustin would go on to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing at Full Sail University. Graduating in 2017 as Salutatorian, he quickly got to work and co-founded Aphotic Realm Magazine, home of strange and sinister fiction.

When he isn't writing, podcasting, or studying his craft, Dustin mediates arguments between his wife and their two young daughters.






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