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Guest ThunderNerd Liam Gilliam joins Dustin and Bo to talk theories and predictions about the new Creed 2 movie, why Rocky 5 doesn't seem to fit, and Liam makes it pointless to give him a Rocky quiz.
Oh, and we give Hollywood an idea for a remake we instantly regret.
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On this week's episode, Dustin and Bo cover San Diego Comic-Con 2018! From all the new movies, television shows, toys, and comics, the guys discuss all the goodies that caught their eye for the upcoming year. We also kinda sorta get negative ONE TIME, but for a very POSITIVE reason. Plus we introduce a new segment called Joe's Kick of the Week.
Oh, and we announce the winner of the Gauntlet of Geek Contest!
GLASS Trailer:
SHAZAM Trailer:
AQUAMAN Trailer:
Mr Sunday Movies AQUAMAN Breakdown:
TITANS Trailer:
Toy Galaxy: Is The Action Figure Industry is Broken?:
Joe's Kick of the Week – METALSHARK BRO:
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The Geek-Men give their thoughts on the new Bumblebee film while talking their favorite Transformers, Bo is challenged with the responsibility of what he would do with the franchise, and Dustin tries to see more than meets the eye simply based on a name. Also, Beast Wars!
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BumbleBee Official Trailer:
Masterpiece Soundwave:
Perfect Effect Beast Gorira (Optimal Optimus 3rd Party):
Perfect Effect Beast Gorira Accessory Upgrade Pack:
Perfect Effect Perfect Beast PE-DX09 Mega Dragon (Megatron from Beast Wars 3rd Party): 
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It's the debut episode, and we're jumping right in between the epic battle of the franchises with a discussion of both Aliens and Predators!  We start off with the new Red Band Trailer for The Predator. Then, Dustin gives us his opinion as a newcomer to the Alien franchise. Lastly, the Geek-Men talk crossovers, including the best fan film ever made.  
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The Predator Red Band Trailer:   
Oats Studios YouTube Channel: …  
Batman:Dead End Fan Film:   
Peter Cullen Predator Voice Story: 
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