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The Podcast that talks about ‘All the things you love, without all the hate.‘

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December 15, 2018


From movies to toys to video games it’s the greatest podcast there is! Join Dustin Schyler Yoak, Co-Owner/Editor of Aphotic Realm Magazine, and Bo Chappell, author of Year 47, as they discuss all the things you love, without all the hate. 

At the end of the day every one has that “one” special thing that they geek or nerd out about. If they’re lucky, they’ve found a friend or even a community where they are met with green pastures, and friendly faces holding hands singing Kumbaya. 

Too often though, the things we love are so harshly judged, friends part ways, and it becomes exhausting and depressing to submit ourselves to the joy our special geek thing used to bring. We’ve seen it happen time and time again. 

Not with this podcast. 

We will never blatantly bash or tear down the things we talk about on the show. As writers and professionals, we will offer criticisms but not without sharing the good and the positives we found as well. You’ll never hear, “it sucked,” followed by a tirade from one of us or our guests. The way we offer criticisms will be to name something specific that bothered us, why, and how we would have done it differently. 

All the things you love, without all the hate. 

Join us won't you? ThunderNerds, HOOOOOOO!!!!


To see every one rediscover the childlike joy and acceptance of the things they love and geek out without hate or judgement.


Create positive change in the geek community by encouraging others to build up the things they love when openly discussing all facets of nerdom without resorting to negativity.



Dustin Schyler Yoak



Bo Chappell


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